It is time to start decorating my Spring and Easter tree. I use a lot of neutral colors when decorating my home and I wanted to create some small baskets that can be placed in my tree. When you are a crafter you seem to always have a lot of jute and twine. You can easily create some quick and easy small decorative baskets using jute and small paper cups.

I picked up some paper cups at the Dollar Tree and you can also grab some nautical rope and twine at the Dollar Tree.

The nautical rope works perfect for this DIY. You will also need a pair of scissors and hot glue for this DIY.

You will start adding the hot glue at the bottom rim of the cup.

You will place the rope over the hot glue and continue adding the hot glue as you wrap the rope around the cup.

I added hot glue to the very top edge of the cup and then cut the end of the rope. Be sure to glue the end down in place.

You can cut a piece of rope to create a small handle for the basket.

I used the hot glue to secure the ends of the twine to the inside of the cup.

You can leave the basket as is but I decided to paint the inside of the basket brown. This is an optional step.

I added some green grass to the inside of the baskets.

These are so easy to make and look adorable in my tree. You can use any type of plastic or paper cup to create these small baskets.