Okay everyone yesterday was my first trip to our Dollar Tree since the virus outbreak. There are so many new items for spring and summer. They have a whole new section for crafting supplies. This new section is advertised on the front of our Dollar Tree as the Crafter’s Square.

I was so excited to see all the new wooden craft supplies that I just had to take a few photos. You can scroll down and I will share some photos of all the exciting new items that I saw.






I was so excited when i saw this large sign hanging on the front of our Dollar Tree!

They now have a large section of wooden craft items and amazing stickers.

You can find a variety of paint, paint brushes, glitter, clothes pins and so many other items.

You can find some amazing Americana decorations right now for the summer.

They have a large selection of items for the summer. You can find a lot of fun items for a summer get together.

They have some items for your yard. You can find hummingbird feeders as well as potting soil.

They have a few Father’s Day items that I picked up.

The metal cans are a small bank that dad can keep in his car for his spare change. I love this and I just had to buy a few of these.

I also found some amazing graduation cards.

A few other items I bought are flip flops, pool noodles and a few wired baskets for an upcoming DIY project.

I hope you enjoyed my visit of our local Dollar Tree. You can find so many amazing craft items in your Dollar Tree.