I seem to have a lot of terra cotta pots and I just knew there had to be a few ways to get creative with them. I wanted to create something that can light up. You can easily drill holes through terra cotta pots which popped a few ideas into my head.If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know that we have to create a tree out of a few of them! Since Halloween is right around the corner we will also be creating a witch hat.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. A variety of terra cotta pots and one terra cotta tray.You will see photos of the sizes below.

2. Drill

3. Tile drill bit (I am using 5/16”)

4. A circular drill bit called a whole saw (this is optional)

5. Spanish moss

6. Acrylic paint (I’m using a black, cream and an antique wax)

7. Glue gun

You can use any size pots that you want but you want to be sure that they will all stack onto each other.

The first step is to drill your holes into your pots. There is no rhyme or reason to this. I just drilled holes every now and then going around the pots.

I am using the 5/16” drill bit for my holes.

You will only need to drill your holes so far up. The pots will slightly over lap each other so you do not need to drill holes where they over lap.

I did take the circular drill bit to drill a larger hole at the bottom of each pot. This will allow me to add a strand of lights up into the pots. This is an optional step but if you want the light to shine through your holes I strongly recommend this step. You will not need to drill a larger hole in your top pot.

Once all your holes are drilled it is time to paint your pots.

I am doing two separate sets of pots. One will be a witch hat and the other set will be a tree. The pots for the witch hat will all be painted black.

I’m also using a terra cotta tray for the witch hat.

Once they are all painted I will stack them and a little Spanish moss.

I used the hot glue to glue the Spanish moss here and there.

I added a strand of 50 lights up through the pots.

I painted the other set of pots cream and added an antique wax over the cream paint. This will be a tree that I can keep on my porch all year long.

I pulled the lights up through the pots.

I cut a metal star out of the Dollar Tree tin cookie sheets and added it to the top of the tree. I glued the star to a stick and placed it through the top pot.