If you love decorating for Fall then you’re going to love this idea. I love decorating all the rooms in my home for each holiday and I wanted to create something fun and simple to put in my bathroom for Fall. A pumpkin is a must have when it comes to decorating for Fall and you’re going to love how easy this one is to create!

The only supplies you will need for this pumpkin are:

1. A roll of toilet paper

2. Something for your stem (I’m using a small piece of a branch from my yard)

3. A piece of material (I’m using small pre cut rolls of material from Walmart which measure 18”x 21”)

4. A piece of felt

5. Scissors

Open your material and lay your roll of toilet paper in the center.

Bring up the sides of the material to center of the roll of toilet paper.

Bring up the corners of the material and gather the material together and tuck into the roll of toilet paper.

Once you have all the material tucked into place then you will want to cut your piece of felt for the leaves of your pumpkin.

You then tuck your felt and stem into the center of the toilet roll.

These are just so easy to make and there is no glueing involved which allows you to remove the material later on and still use the toilet paper.

You can use anything you would like for the top of the pumpkin. I used a green doily for one of the pumpkins.

I hope you will all give this a try and have fun decorating for Fall!