If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know that I keep holiday trees up throughout our warehouse. I love decorating for all holidays and I especially love decorating a tree for them. I’m super excited for our Valentine tree because it is filled with amazing ornaments that have been created by our very talented followers.

We recently created a gnome out of a safety cone from the Dollar Tree. This Valentine gnome turned out to be an amazing tree topper.

I used the DIY poster board tree collar at the base of this tree. We created this tree collar here at The Shabby Tree and it turned out amazing. This tree is in a tree turning stand that I purchased from Amazon. I love this tree collar because you can make it as big as you need.



You will see a variety of handmade ornaments on this tree.

As you look at this tree and see all of these ornaments I hope you will see that there are so many different ways to create fun and unique ornaments.

We have created so many items from basic cardboard and the red hearts on this tree are one of my favorites.

If you are following The Shabby Tree then you have probably seen us create a lot of these ornaments. I hope this will inspire you all to get creative and have fun decorating your home.