I have a business called The Shabby Tree and I love using message boards to post messages to my followers on Facebook. I have used chalkboards, dry erase boards and metal magnetic boards to make messages. I wanted something different and I wanted it to be on wood. I have a lot of magnetic letters and wanted to make a unique wooden magnetic board.

The supplies you will need are:

1. A wooden item (I’m using a wooden craft sign from Hobby Lobby)

2. Rust-oleum magnetic primer (I got mine from Home Depot)

3. Paint brush

4. Paint (this will be the paint you will be painting over the magnetic primer. I’m using a red spray paint.)

Because I want my board to be fun and unique I will be making some scrabble magnetic letters. I will just be hot glueing a magnet to the back of a wooden scrabble piece. I found packs of the wooden scrabble pieces in Hobby Lobby.

First thing is make sure to mix the magnetic primer very well. Once the magnetic primer is mixed you need to paint 3 to 5 coats on your wooden item.



I then taped off my outside frame and spray painted over the magnetic paint with red spray paint.

I glued the magnets to the back of my wooden scrabble boards with a hot glue gun.

This is a fun and simple DIY. I love the Rust-oleum magnetic paint because it allows you to be creative. You can turn almost anything into a magnetic board!