We make a lot of crafts here at The Shabby Tree and paper crafts are always fun to make. I always try to pick up books of music paper at yard sales and thrift stores and I seem to have accumulated a lot. If your looking for a fun decoration to hang on your tree or from your fireplace mantle then I think you will love this one. I will be using music paper but you can use any type of paper for this craft.

The supplies you will need for this are:

1. Paper

2. Scissors

3. Pen or marker

4. Sewing machine

I will be using two sheets of paper for this craft. My sheets of paper measure 9 x 12 and I will be folding them in half twice.

You will want to be sure to make a good crease when folding your paper.

You can trace or cut out any shape that you want for these decorations. I am using a star cookie cutter for one of them. You will place the folded crease of the paper down the center of the star.

Trace the star and then cut it out.

Once you have the star cut out you will then sew a straight stitch down the crease line in the center of the star.

I cut the strings off at the bottom and left the strings at the top to use for hanging.

Once you have the star sewn together you will then spread the sheets apart forming the 3D star.

You can create these in a variety of shapes.

You can create a cluster of trees all different sizes. These will be fun to add on a tray in the center of a table.

I hope you will all have fun and give this a try.