Ok I am all about having fun and decorating my home for all occasions. It is time to start decorating for Halloween and there is something I have been wanting to try for a few years. I always decorate my porch for Halloween, but this year I wanted to add a little more to the exterior of my home.

I got on Amazon and ordered a few posable skeletons.

You can find the one I have right here with my Amazon affiliate link https://amzn.to/3m3aS0f




The skeletons seem to be on the pricey side, but you can always keep your eye out and try to find them at other places. This is something I have wanted to try for years and I love how it turned out.

I used wire to attach them to the nails in my shutters and a few of the posts through my gutters.


Attaching them was a little harder than I thought, but I just love how it turned out.