I find myself in the Dollar Tree a lot and I am always trying to find new items to craft with. The Dollar Tree has a pack of colorful scouring pads that I know we can get creative with. Christmas is right around the corner and the colors of the scouring pads remind me of the old time Christmas bulbs. We can easily turn the scouring pads into Christmas bulb ornaments.

The supplies I will be using are :

1. One pack of scouring pads from the Dollar Tree

2. Elmers glue

3. Silver glitter

4. Scissors

5. Silver tinsel

6. Hot glue

The first step is to cut each scouring pad into the shape of a Christmas bulb.

It is easier to get an even shape bulb if you fold the scouring pad in half and then cut it out.

Once you have all the scouring pads cut you will want to add the Elmer’s glue to the top section of the bulb.

You will sprinkle the silver glitter over the Elmer’s glue as shown in photo above.

You can add hot glue to the back side to attach the silver tinsel for a hanger.

These are very easy to make and they can be made as an ornament or a garland. I hope you will get creative and give these a try.