Here at The Shabby Tree I shared 31 gift ideas throughout the whole month of October. These are gifts that I love to give to friends and family. I like to keep a few of these gifts on hand in case I get an unexpected guest for Christmas. I wanted to keep things simple this year so I used all brown paper products for my wrapping along with white paper doilies. You can find most of the wrapping supplies that I am using at the Dollar Tree and Walmart. Here is a peek at all 31 gift ideas.

Gift idea #1 is in a brown paper bag and I have the white paper doily cut in half and glued to the front and back of the bag. I also used small wooden clothes pins and black hang tags from the Dollar Tree to label each gift. For a cute decoration I clipped an ornament from Walmart to the front of the bag.

Gift #1 is a throw blanket and a linen spray. I purchased both of these items from Marshall’s.

This linen spray smells so good and I love to spray it in my pillows and sofa.

I clipped a small Christmas sprig to the bag for a pop of color and decoration.

Gift #2 is something you can give anyone. A pretty dish towel and a candle makes a great gift. I purchased both of these items from Marshall’s.

For gift #3 I added some raffia and glued some small pom poms to a clothes pin for a fun decoration.

Gift #3 is a one size cape. I love wearing these over any shirt or sweater and it makes a great gift for anyone. I purchased this one from Marshall’s and they have a variety of styles.

I wrapped gift idea #4 in a box with brown paper and added the paper doily to the top. You can wrap twine and add a few embellishments for a pop of color.

Gift #4 is one that I love to give. A wax warmer is a must have for me and I love giving them to my friends. You can find a variety of wax cubes in Walmart. The cut Frazier is my favorite scent for Christmas. This wax warmer is from our website.

Gift #5 is a fun one and makes a fun gift for a neighbor or coworker.

I used decorative paper to form trees and covered a Pringle’s can and a box of cookies with brown paper for the trunk.

I added some red ribbon and a flower to gift idea #6

Gift #6 is a puzzle and a pair of socks. I found this cute camping puzzle at Marshall’s that goes well with our camping socks that we had on our website.

I kept bag #7 simple and just added a small tree cutout to the hang tag.

Gift idea #7 is a pair of cozy socks with some foot cream and foot masks. You can find a variety of socks and foot lotions in Marshall’s.

Gift 8 is in a brown lunch bag with a beautiful red doily clipped over the top.

Gift #8 is an aromatherapy bracelet. I have one of these and I love it. This is a fun and simple gift to give anyone.

You know I love my trees so I clipped a fun tree ornament to gift #9. These adorable tree ornaments can be found in Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

Gift #9 is a microwaveable body or neck wrap. This is a great gift and can even be handmade. I purchased this one from Marshall’s but you can find the directions on how to make one on my blog page.

For gift #10 I added a glittered snowflake ornament to the bag. You can buy small packs of these snowflakes in Walmart it Hobby Lobby.

Gift #10 is some hand soaps. I purchased a beautiful bottle and bar of hand soap in Hobby Lobby. You can have fun and add a pretty butter dish for the bar of soap. I love using old silver butter dishes in my bathrooms for my bar of soap.

I changed things up for gift idea #11 and added a red paper doily to the bag. We created a fun clothes pin angel here at The Shabby Tree that I clipped to the bag.

I found a fun cup and reusable straws at Marshall’s that I knew anyone could use.

Gift #12 was a bigger bag so I added a bow and some greenery to give it some decoration.

Gift #12 is an oil diffuser with essential oils. This makes a great gift especially for the cold season. You can find these in a variety of stores but I got this one with the oils from Marshall’s.

Walmart has some fun and amazing ornaments. I added these rusty bells that I got from Walmart to gift #13.

Gift #13 is an oil plug in from Bath and Body Works. This fun plug in lights up and smells so good. They have a variety of styles and scents. The fresh balsam is my favorite for Christmas.

I added a fun candy cane and ribbon to gift #14.

Gift idea #14 is a microwaveable cuddle toy. This does not have to be just for a child. As an adult I love to place it behind my neck after a long day at work. You will find all styles of these in Marshall’s.

I added a fun clip on poinsettia to gift #15 that I got from Walmart.

Gift #15 is a large scarf that can be used as a shawl. I love these and I got this one from Marshall’s.

I placed gift #16 in a small box and clipped one of our coffee filter trees to the top.

Gift #16 is a wine bottle sock, wine bag and candle adapter for the top of a wine bottle. The wine bottle sock and candle adapter is from our website and the wine bag is from Marshall’s.

I added some ribbon and pom poms to gift #17.

A scarf, hat and pair of gloves is a gift for anyone. This is something that everyone can use. I found this set in Tuesday Morning.

I added a decorative tree ornament with ribbon to gift #18.

Gift #18 is a fun gift idea especially for a tea lover. You can find a variety of tea , honey spoons and tea cups in Marshall’s.

I added some yarn and pom poms to gift #19. I glued some smaller pom poms around the edge of the hang tag.

I love flavored coffee which is why I thought this would make a great gift idea. A mug, Carmel flavoring and Carmel cubes. These were all purchased from Marshall’s.

I placed a large paper doily to the center of the bag for gift #20. I then added some decorative glittered snowflakes. You can find the snowflakes in Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

Gift idea #20 is a fun notebook, pens and weekly calendar. It will be a new year soon so you can find these items in almost any store. I purchased all of these from Marshall’s.

I added some silver tinsel, ribbon and tree cutout to gift #21.

Gift #21 is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to travel. I purchased a fun scratch off map from amazon. You can find the vacation bank in Walmart and the adventure calendar in Marshall’s.

Gift #22 is in a box that I turned into a fun cardboard tea house.

Gift #22 is a tea diffuser bottle and loose tea. I purchased the bottle from Marshall’s and the tea is from Amazon.

Gift #23 is also in a box and I used a command strip hook to hang a candle ring onto the front.

Gift #23 is a metal lantern. You can find all types of lanterns in almost any store. This one is from a wholesale company. I like to add a battery operated candle and then the candle ring on the front of the box can be placed around the candle.

I kept gift idea #24 simple and added a bow to the front of the bag.

Gift #24 is our diy picture frame tray and a Christmas candle. You can see exactly how to make this tray in our blog.

The candle is from Marshall’s.

Gift #25 is in a box with a small candle ring on the front.

This is a fun gift idea for a neighbor or friend. I found this mixing bowl set in Marshall’s and added some sugar cookie mix with it.

I added a bow to gift #26 and clipped a gift card holder to the top.

A mug and Starbucks gift card is a gift idea for anyone who loves coffee.

I cut out a snowman from the Dollar Tree cookie sheets to add to gift idea #27.

A small purse or bag is a great gift idea. It fun to add some cash or a gift card to the inside. This small bag is from our website.

I added our paper gingerbread man that we made here at The Shabby Tree tin bag #28.

Gift idea #28 is our DIY decoupaged glass plate. This is a fun plate to make and fill with any type of baked goods.

I added a bow and a foam tree cut out to bag #29.

Gift idea #29 is some battery operated string lights. These are fine Marshall’s.

I put gift #30 in a long box. I added some foam tree cut outs to the from.

Gift #30 is a ceramic pitcher and a small tree. This pitcher is from Marshall’s. It is beautiful and would be pretty with a poinsettia.

I placed gift #31 in a box. I added the paper doilies and foam tree cut outs to the front.

Gift #31 is a wooden bowl that I got from Marshall’s and some decorative chocolates to add to it.

I hope you enjoyed my gift ideas and I hope it gave you a few ideas for some fun and easy gift ideas!