Christmas is right around the corner which has me thinking about trees. I keep a variety of trees up in my house all year long but I want to create a small and unique tree. We are always creating a variety of things out of coffee filters and I thought we can create a quick and easy tree with them.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Coffee filters ( I am using tan but you can use white)

2. Small styrofoam ball ( this one is from the Dollar Tree and measures 1.9 in)

3. Small terra cotta pot ( this one is from the Dollar Tree and measures 2.5 in)

4. Kabob stick ( I’m using a large kabob sticks from the Dollar Tree)

5. Scissors

6. Gold paper (optional)

7. Hot glue

I bought everything from the Dollar Tree except for the paper and hot glue which are optional.

I cut the kabob stick to be about 9 inches long.

I placed one of the styrofoam balls up into the terra cotta pot. The styrofoam ball will help hold the kabob stick straight.

I placed the kabob stick through the hole of the terra cotta pot as shown in photo above.

You will want to start adding a few of the coffee filters. It is best to fold the coffee filters in half and then in half again. This will help mark the center of the coffee filter.

Once you have the center marked you will ten place them onto the kabob stick.

You will want to separate the coffee filters and crunch them with your hands.

Crunching the coffee filters will help to fluff the tree.

I did not count how many coffee filters I added but you will start to cut the coffee filters smaller as you continue to add more.

You will continue to cut more off the coffee filters as you continue adding. This tree is not suppose to be perfect so I did not measure.

As I got to the top of the tree I cut smaller circles out of some of the trimmings.

I cut a star out of gold paper to create a tree topper.

I placed the kabob stick up into the center of the star.

This tree is so easy to create and you can color the coffee filters to be any color that you want. You can color the coffee filters with watered down paint or food coloring and water. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.