If you love unique things then your going to love this simple project. I like to use hang tags on a variety of items. I keep trees up all year long and incorporate hang tags onto my trees. They are a unique way to give someone a gift . These can be used throughout your home in a variety of ways. They are great to hang on a tree,wreath,vase of flowers or even just on a knob of a cabinet in your home. I like to order boxes of shipping tags through amazon. I’m all about being unique so I like to coffee stain my tags to add a little character to them. To do this process you will need the following items



You will need some hang tags of your choice, instant coffee, a bowl, a pan , a spoon or fork and a oven


First you will put warm water into your bowl and mix in your coffee.
Once your coffee is mixed then you just place a few hang tags into bowl. I don’t measure the instant coffee I just pour according to how dark I want the mixture to be.



Once your coffee is mixed then you just place a few hang tags into bowl.



Mix them around with your fork to make sure they get completely cover with the coffee mixture.


Next take one out at a time and place them onto your pan.



Once they are all payed out onto pan set them in preheated oven to 225 and leave them in for about 5 minutes. I always check mine and leave them in according to how brown I want them to be.



Once you take them out they should have a grungy look to them.



After they are coffee stained then it’s time to get creative and decorate them according to how you want to use them.