You can find so many different types of containers in your local thrift stores. I love to buy containers and get creative with them. Decorating your home does not have to cost a fortune. It is very easy to change an item to match your decor. I recently found a small metal container at my local thrift store but I want to give it a more primitive look.

I will change the look of this container using:

1. Sunflower napkins that I got from Marshall’s

2. Scissors

3. Warm caramel colored spray paint

4. Mod podge

5. Paint brush

The first step is to cover the container with the warm caramel colored spray paint.

Once the spray paint is dry you will want to add the napkins.

Be sure to separate the layers of the napkins. You will want to use the top layer.

You will want to cut the napkin to fit your container.

You will paint the mod podge onto the container.

Place the napkin over the mod podge and use the paint brush or your finger to smooth out the napkin.

Be sure to add more mod podge over the napkin.

I did not add the napkin to the lid of the container.

This was very easy to create and makes a great tree container. I hope you will check out your local thrift stores and get creative.