Well Fall is around the corner and we have been making a lot of items out socks here at The Shabby Tree so I came up with a cute idea for Fall. I love decorating with pumpkins and I love mixing all different colors of pumpkins. I will usually stack pumpkins on my porch to create a 3 tier pumpkin. I thought it would be cute to create a mini 3 tier pumpkin using a sock.

The supplies you will need are:

1. One long tube sock (I bought mine from Walmart in the men’s department)

2. Fish tank gravel

3. Hot glue

4. Twine

5. Paint (the three colors I’m using are buttermilk, spiced pumpkin and sea)

6. Paint brush

The first step is to start filling your sock with the fish tank gravel.

I filled a bottom section and then I tied it off with a piece of twine.

You will then fill your second section. You will fill your sections according to how big you want your pumpkin to be.

Once all three sections are filled with the fish tank gravel I then tied off the top with a long piece of twine.

This long piece of twine is what you will wrap around the top section of your sock to make the stem of your pumpkin.

I added some hot glue as I wrapped the twine.

You will make the stem as big as you want. I cut the excess part of the sock off and covered the rest with the twine.

You will now want to paint your pumpkins. You can paint these any color that you want. I am using 3 different colors.

I first added some hot glue in between each layer of pumpkins. This will help secure your pumpkin all together.

I then painted my pumpkin.

This is very easy to make and will make a cute decoration for Fall!