I ordered a bunch of wooden rings from amazon and I have been trying to come up with some unique things to make with them. I love making my home smell good and I thought these wooden rings would work well with my essential oils. We can create a unique hanging air freshener that can be hung in your car or in your home.

The supplies you will need for this DIY are:

1. Wooden rings and beads

2. Ribbons

3. Scissors

4. Essential oils

The first thing you will need to do is cover your wooden beads and wooden rings with your essential oil.

I am placing my ring in a zip lock bag and then covering it with my oil.

Be sure they are all completely covered with the oil. I placed them in the sealed ziploc bag over night.

Now that the oils are completely soaked into my wooden ring and beads it is time to add the ribbons.

I am cutting strips of ribbon to hang from the wooden ring.

I am making a loop and then placing the two ends through the loop.

I am adding a variety of ribbons in different colors.

Next I place a thicker ribbon on the top for a hanger.

I then slide my beads down the ribbon. I am adding 3 beads.

You can leave your air freshener like this or you can add some doilies.

I added a small doily to the front and back of the wooden ring.

I hung these in our car and I will add more essential oil to the ring when needed. These are very decorative but also give off an amazing smell. You can use any essential oil that you like. My favorite is the lavender scent. These are great to hang throughout your home.