It will be Fourth of July soon and I really want something cute to put on my front door. I don’t do a lot of wreaths so I wanted something different. While shopping in Hobby Lobby I saw some amazing star fabric which got my mind thinking. My porch has a variety of our DIY flowers on it so I thought I would create an Americana Flower Wreath. This can be used in a variety of ways or even made in a variety of ways.

The supplies your will need are:

1. Material (I am using a star material and a red striped ticking material that I bought from Hobby Lobby)

2. Scissors

3. Glue gun and surebonder fabric glue sticks

4. Embroidery hoop (I am using a 10” hoop)

5. Floral wire stems

6. Pen and paper

The first step is to trace your embroidery hoop onto your star fabric. You will want to trace this onto the backside of your material. This will be the center of your flower. Be sure to trace your circle a little bigger. I tipped my pen while tracing and this gave me a slightly bigger circle.

Cut your circle out and set it aside.

Now it is time to start tracing your petals. You can find my petal pattern at the end of this blog. You can make your petal any size you would like.

You will want to be sure to fold your fabric in half and have your good sides facing in.

Place the bottom part of your pattern onto the fold of your fabric. I am using a striped material so I made sure to have the point of my petals on a stripe.

Once your petal is cut out you will need to open it up.

You will need to add a floral wire stem onto the back side.

I connected both ends of the wire together forming a circle.

Now you will need to glue this onto the back side of your petal.

I added some surebonder glue to the center and on the end pieces of the wire.

Next you will wrap your petal around the embroidery hoop and glue your two sides together.

You will continue this process around the whole embroidery hoop. I overlapped each petal to be sure that the whole embroidery hoop gets covered.

Once all your petals are in place then it is time to glue your circle piece of material onto the front center.

This flower wreath can be done with any type of material you want. I love the star and striped material for Fourth of July. This is not hard to make and I hope you all get creative and give it a try.

This is the backside. You can add another circle piece to the backside if you want.

Download Your Pattern Here