When I think of spring I think of birds chirping and flowers blooming. I seem to find a lot of bird’s nests in my yard throughout spring and summer and I thought it would be fun to create one for inside my home. I know you can buy artificial bird nests but i would like to make a few and I would like them to be a certain size.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Spanish moss

2. Green moss

3. Twigs from my yard

4. Dry leaves from my yard

5. Spray adhesive

6. Bowl (the size bowl is the size bird nest I want)

You will want to spray the adhesive onto the Spanish moss. I sprayed a lot onto my moss.

You might want to use rubber gloves because it will be sticky. Place it onto the bottom side of the bowl and form the shape of your nest. You might need to spray more adhesive as you form your nest.

You will then slip it back off the bowl and shape the edges.

I will be adding a few dry leaves, sticks and green moss as I shape the sides.

Be sure to to keep adding the spray adhesive as you shape your nest.

These are very easy to make and you can make them in all sizes. I will be adding them to my dough bowl and placing a few on top of my wooden spindles.