Over the last few weeks I found myself buying a ton of Christmas decorations and when I saw these candy canes in the store I knew they could be used for more than a Christmas decoration. We all know that Valentines Day comes right after Christmas and gets here before you know it. I just knew somehow that I could turn these candy canes into the perfect heart. I love decorating for the holidays and I know this heart will be an amazing addition to my valentine decor.

For this project you will need the following supplies:

 1. Plastic candy canes (I am using 2 plastic canes that I got from my Walmart)

2. Chunky yarn

3. Lace fabric

4. A glue gun

5. A pair of scissors

I am using large plastic candy canes, but this project can be done with whatever size candy canes you’d prefer to use. The first thing I did was place my candy canes on the floor into the shape of a heart so I knew exactly where to glue them together.

 Next, starting at the bottom of the candy canes, I glued the candy canes together and then began wrapping around the chunky yarn. 

I overlapped with glue and yarn a few times to be sure the candy canes will be secured together. I then began to work my way up one of the candy canes.

Once I reached the top, which is where the curves of the heart meet, I added more glue to secure the candy canes together.  

Once I glued the candy canes together I did the same thing that I did at the bottom of the candy canes. I added glue and then overlapped the yearn a few times in order to make sure that the candy canes were secured together. 

After I secured the candy canes together I began wrapping my chunky yarn down the side of the other candy cane. Once I finished I added some more glue to secure the end piece of yarn in place. Once you’ve done this you should have a yarn wrapped heart!






If you guys know me then you know I can’t just leave my heart finished at this point. I felt like it needed something else so I decided to add some lace to it. I like to keep a lot of lace and fabric on hand so I took a piece of lace I already had and placed it over the top of the heart.






I began to lift sections of the lace and hot glue it to the top of my heart. After I added hot glue to a section I then pressed down on the lace for a few seconds to make sure it would stay. 



I continued to do this around the entire heart. Once I glued down all of the lace and was sure it was glued in place I cut off the excess lace to complete my heart. 



I absolutely love how this heart turned out! It can be used so many ways throughout your home and that is what I love about it. It would make a great wreath for your front door or it could be used as a simple decoration on your fireplace mantel. 

I added my own touch by adding the lace, but you could add any type of fabric to really make this project your own. If you love to add color to your home you could easily use a colored chunky yarn and incorporate the color of your home decor into this project. 

I personally love the look of the chunky yarn and lace together, but I hope you all will give this DIY a try and put your own twist on it. I loved the finished product and think you all will too!