I’m getting ready to decorate for Spring and Easter and I always like to add a variety of bunnies to my decorations. I want a fun and unique bunny head that I can add to my tree or place in a dough bowl. We use a lot of different items for crafting here at The Shabby Tree and I think that cotton balls will work perfect for this DIY.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Cotton balls

2. Scissors

3. Paper plate

4. Glue gun

5. Texture by DecoArt (I am using the rose gold color)

6. Elmer’s glue

7. Crystal glitter

8. Fake eyelashes (optional)

9. Paint brush

I coffee stained my cotton balls. You can mix warm water and instant coffee in a bowl. I will usually add one cup of instant coffee to 2 cups of warm water. You will make your mixture as dark or as light as you want. I dipped the cotton balls into the mixture and then squeezed them out. You can place them outside on a warm day to dry or let them sit over night to dry.

I cut the center out of the paper plate and then cut out a bunny head.

You will then use the hot glue to glue the cotton balls onto the bunny head. I lightly pulled the cotton balls apart before glueing them on.

I unrolled a cotton ball to glue around the edge of the ears. You do not want to cover the center of the ear with the cotton balls because that is where you will add the texture.

Be sure to cover the back side of the bunny head with the cotton balls.

Add the texture to the center area of the ears.

Once the texture was dry I then put Elmer’s glue all over the cotton balls and sprinkled on the crystal glitter.

I left the faces to my bunnies plain but I did add fake eyelashes to one of them.

These are fun to make and I hope you will get creative and give them a try.