Ok Christmas is almost here and if you love or collect Santa’s then your going to love this DIY. There are so many different Types of Santa decorations out there but I just love how different and fun this one is. This is very easy to make and it can be hung or placed any where throughout your home.

The supplies I will be using for this are:

1. One 14” wire wreath form that I got from the Dollar Tree (you can use any size wreath form that you would like)

2. Polyester fiberfill

3. Glue gun with surebonder fabric glue

4. Scissors and wire cutters

5. Two rolls of loopy yarn (I bought this from Hobby Lobby)

6. One roll of red burlap ribbon (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)

7. One piece of faux fur (I got this from Hobby Lobby where they have their sheets of felt)

8. Two black buttons (I am using 16mm)

9. Duct tape or any kind of thick tape

10. Some type of star for the top of hat (I am using a 6” grapevine star)

11. Wire or string to attach the star to hat

12. Thread and needle

13. Red paint and paint brush if you would rather paint your hat instead of using the red burlap

14. Two long tube socks (I coffee stained my tube socks)

The first step is to cut your wire wreath form. I cut a small section off of the wreath form. You can cut off as much or as little as you want. We are forming a moon shape so you want to make sure you can gather the ends to make a point.

You will want to use a thick tape to gather your ends into a point.

Once you have your crescent moon shape it is time to add your socks. I am adding a sock to each end and adding stuffing . I will overlap the socks at the center and glue them in place.

Once you have the socks stuffed and glued in place it is time to add the red burlap.

You will decide how big you want your hat to be and start glueing it in place. I started from the bottom of the hat and worked my way up to the top.

I just twisted the burlap at the top end and glued it down in place.

I then cut my piece of faux fur. My piece is about 13 inches long and 3 inches wide.

You will wrap it around the bottom base of your hat and glue into place.

Next I cut a small circle from a piece of a sock and did a basting stitch around the edge. I lightly stuffed it and tied it off. You will then glue your nose and button eyes on.

Once your nose and eyes are glued in place you will want to start to add the loopy yarn.

I added glue first to the bottom center of the nose.

I brought the yarn down in a small u shape to form the look of a beard and a mustache. I brought the yarn around to the other side and looped it the same way on the other side. You will then need to cover the whole bottom of your santa head with the loopy yarn.

I did not cover the back of the head with the loopy yarn.

The last step is to add your star to the top of the hat. I used a small piece of wire for this step.

I hope you will all get creative and give this fun santa head a try.