I just took down all of my Christmas and I wanted a fun decoration to add to my home. We create a lot of things here at The Shabby Tree and I wanted to create something that can be used all year long. I find myself in a lot of antique stores and I always love the old gate pieces that you will see throughout the antique stores. I decided to make a simple small decorative gate that can be hung or placed any where throughout your home.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Seven 5 gallon stir sticks

2. Hot glue gun

3. Pruning sheers or something you have to cut the stir stick

I purchased the stir sticks from Walmart. You can use any type of sticks that you want.

I am cutting the top section off of two of the stir sticks.

I cut through one side and then through the other side. You can use a saw to cut this section off.

Once you have the ends cut off you will now glue the other five sticks to these two sticks.



I started at the bottom first so that my fence will be level and straight at the bottom.

I added hot glue to the bottom section of each stick and then placed it onto the stick that I cut.

I did the two ends first and then the middle stick.

I added the last two sticks and I now have the bottom of the fence secured in place.

I added hot glue to the top area of the sticks.

Once you have hot glue on all five sticks you will then place the second stick that you cut on top.

You can paint or stain the picket fence.

I am using a dark walnut stain on the fence.

This is so easy to make and you can place this any where in your home. I love this for the of a fireplace mantle with a wreath hanging in the center.

I hope you will all get creative and give this easy DIY a try!