Ok Easter is over and I just finished taking down all of my Easter decorations. It is now time to start pulling out all of my Americana decorations. I wanted to come up with something to put on the top of my all year long tree. We have made a snowman hat for Christmas and a bunny top hat for Easter so now it is time to make an Americana too hat.

It is time to start cleaning out your closets and find some of those old jeans that you no longer wear.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Pair of old denim jeans

2. Scissors

3. Coffee can

4. Cardboard

5. Glue gun

6. Ribbons and doilies

You will need to cut out a circle from your cardboard. I am using a dinner size plate to trace a circle. You will then need to cut it out.

Now you will need to use this cardboard circle to cut out 2 circles from your pair of jeans.

I found that using a pair of men’s jeans worked best. The leg on the pair of men’s jeans is wider which allowed me to trace and cut the full circle.

You will now need to take the coffee can and trace it in the center of your cardboard circle.

Be sure to cut your circle a bit smaller then what you traced. You do not want your can to slip through the opening. You now need to trace this onto your 2 denim circle cut outs.

Your 2 denim rings now need to be glued to your cardboard ring.

Be sure that the outside of the rings glue together. Your inside part of the ring does not have to match up.

Now it is time to trace and cut out a denim circle for the top of your can.

I made sure to cut my denim circle a little bigger so that I can glue the denim over the edge of the can.

You now need to cut a strip of denim to cover the outside of the coffee can.

You will need to wrap this around the can and glue into place.

I wanted the thick edge of the jeans to be at the top of my hat.

I overlapped my ends. This will be the back of my hat. Now it is time to glue the can to your denim ring.

I added glue around the edge of the can and then flipped it onto the denim ring.

Once your denim hat is complete you can add ribbons and doilies to decorate.

I added some burlap and cream ribbons around the bottom of the hat.

I then added doilies to the front for the look of a flower.

You can add a strand of a thick jute around the brim of the hat.

These hats can be created and decorated any way you like. The opening on the bottom of the hat allows for it to be used as a tree topper.

I hope you enjoy this DIY and that it will inspire you to decorate a tree for all year long.