I don’t seem to have much storage space in my home which is why I love the idea of making my own pillow case covers. I like to use a variety of different size pillows throughout my home. If you like a longer bed pillow then you must try this simple DIY. I’m loving this DIY for many reasons. First, I only need to store away the pillow case cover rather than a whole pillow. Second, I can change the look and print of my pillows out more often according to the holiday or season. And lastly, it is cost efficient.

The supplies you will need are dish towels (mine seem to measure 18” by 28”), a bed pillow (I’m using the standard queen pillow from Walmart), scissors, Velcro and fabric glue.

First, I lay my dish towels down lining each end up with your good sides facing out.

If one end does not line up perfectly it is okay. You can fold it in to make it match up.

I like to start at the end where the Velcro is going to go.

You need to line your Velcro up and cut it according to the width of your dish towel.

Fold your end of your top dish towel over. This is where your going to add your first piece of Velcro.

Put your glue on the back side of your Velcro and then flip your Velcro over and place it onto your dish towel. Be sure to press down on your whole strip so that it sticks to your dish towel. Now do this same process to the other piece of your other dish towel.

Once you have both strips of your Velcro attached to the end of your dish towels then press the Velcro strips together. This is going to allow you now to start gluing your other 3 sides together.

Put glue on in small sections at a time. This will give you time to make sure that all your sides are lining up together. Continue this process all the way around your three sides.

If a side does not seem to line up perfectly you can just add a little glue and fold the longer side in a bit.

When all three sides are glued together your pillow case is complete.

Open your Velcro end and place your pillow inside.

This is a fun and simple way to change out your pillows. You can get creative and make pillows for all seasons and holidays. Here are photos of some more pillow covers using different dish towels!