I found some mini wooden puzzle trees in Dollar General and as soon as I saw them I new I had to get some. These are so cute and can be decorated in so many different ways. I am going to be covering them with fabric and adding a snow look to them.






The supplies you will need are:

1. Small wooden puzzle trees ( these are from Dollar General)

2. Fabric ( I am using burlap, lace and muslin material)

3. Glue gun

4. Mod lodge

5. Scissors

6. Paint brush

7. Snow-Tex

The first step I did was trace the wooden trees onto my material. I traced my tree a little larger than the actual tree. I then cut them out. You will need to trace each tree 4 times so that you can cover the back and front of each tree.







You then cut each tree in half.





 You will have 8 half pieces for each tree. Now put your puzzle trees together.


Now it is time to put your material on. I mod podged the lace onto the tree and I hit glued the burlap and muslin on.





You will put each half onto your wood . You can either hot glue it on or mod podge it on. Once all your material is on I then hit glued around my edges. I traced my trees bigger so that I would have extra material to hot glue together. After my material is on glued in place I then added some snow-Tex to the edges.