I love adding battery operated candles throughout my house and I always love to put them in lanterns. If you have been following The Shabby Tree then you already know that I love incorporating lace items into my decor. We are always crafting here at The Shabby Tree and we use a lot of items from the Dollar Tree. I recently picked up a few 8×10 canvases from the Dollar Tree and I know they will work perfect for creating a lantern.

The supplies I will be using for this lantern are:

1. Four 8×10 canvases from the Dollar Tree

2. Hot glue

3. Scissors

4. Lace material and you will need at least a yard (I am using a lace valance from a thrift store)

5. Stain and paint brush (optional)

The first step will be to remove all the canvas from the frames.

I found it easiest to cut in the center and pull the canvas from front to back.

You can remove the staples if you want but I left them.

I then used a brown Vintage effects wash by DecoArt on my wooden frames. I brushed the Vintage effects wash onto the frame and then wiped the excess off.

You will then glue all four frames together.

Be sure to have the staples facing on the inside of the lantern.

Once the lantern is formed I then added the lace. I started glueing my lace at the top edge of the lantern first.

When starting I left about a half an inch of lace along the edge. I will glue this around the side to help the end look more finished.

I continued adding hot glue as I wrapped the lace around the lantern. Once the lace was completely glued in place I then cut the excess off.

I also cut the excess off at the bottom edge of the lantern. You can leave a little extra when cutting so that you can fold it under and glue it in place.

I folded just a little over the bottom of the frame. This gives you a nice finished edge at the bottom of your lantern.

I added a little greenery with a bow to the top corner of my lantern.

You can stain the frames or leave them the natural wood color. This is so easy to make and I hope you will all get creative and give it a try. It looks so pretty at night with a battery operated candle.