It is time to start thinking about Spring and Easter and I noticed that the Dollar Tree is putting out a few Easter items. I ended up buying a few Easter eggs and I am thinking we can turn them into a few fun and unique bunny heads.

I will be making two different types of bunny heads and the supplies I will be using are:

1. A piece of muslin material (small 10” x 9”piece)

2. Four pieces of cream felt measuring 4 1/2” x 4 1/2”

3. Surebonder fabric glue

4. Scissors

5. Plastic eggs (these are from the Dollar Tree and measure 3 inches)

6. Twine

7. Paint (pink, black and brown)

8. Wire

9. Elmer’s glue and crystal glitter (optional)

I will be using the muslin first. You will want to add some of the surebonder glue to the bottom part of the egg.

Once you glue the muslin to the bottom of the egg you will then add glue to the top of the egg.

You will pull and gather the muslin at the top of the egg and tie it in place with a piece of twine. I added a little glue under the knot to help hold the twine in place.

You will cut the ends of the twine off and then loosen up the ends to give them a frayed look.

The next step is to create the ears to the bunny. You will want to use the scissors and cut down the center.

I then used the scissors to cut excess off and shape two ears.

You will use the paint to paint the ears and face to your bunny.

I will be using four small pieces of felt to create the next bunny

You will add surebonder glue the outer edge of the egg. Your bunny head will have a front and back piece of felt. Place the glue around the outer edge of the egg towards the front part of the egg.

You place the felt piece over the glue and then do the same thing for the back side of the egg.

I left an opening at the top of the egg. This is where you will insert the ears to the bunny head.

You will take the other two pieces of felt and cut out the ears to your bunny head. I have two pieces of felt folded in half.

You should have a front and back piece for each ear. I added a piece of wire in between the two ear pieces. You will then glue the pieces together.

You will glue them together and then paint the front. Add glue to the top inside part of the egg. Insert the ears and glue the opening shut.

Paint your face on the front of the bunny head.

I painted Elmer’s glue over the bunny heads and then sprinkled with a crystal glitter.

These are very easy to make and will make great bowl fillers or ornaments for your tree.