I love adding a variety of antiques throughout my home and one of my favorite finds is an old milk can. You can place a milk can any where in your home and I have mine in my foyer. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you know that I like to keep trees up all year long so the milk can was the perfect container for a large artificial tree. I have been seeing different DIY milk cans and I thought It would be fun to try and create one.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. A large bucket (I am using a Home Depot bucket, Lowe’s bucket and a trash can from Walmart)

2. large plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree

3. Small plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree

4. Hot glue

5. Box cutter

6. Spray paint (I’m using a flat black, warm caramel and antique pewter)

7. Burlap ribbon (optional)

8. Cinnamon (optional)

9. Scissors

10. Dollar Tree aluminum cookie sheet

11. Brads

I cut a hole in the center of the large plastic bowl. This is optional but I want an opening so I can place artificial flowers in my milk can.

I also cut a hole in the center of the smaller plastic bowl. There are many ways to create this milk can and you can use all different types of buckets and bowls. I will be showing you how to use three items to create the look of a milk can. You can get creative and create one any size and use any type of bucket and bowls.

You will want to use a spray paint on all three items. I will be creating 3 different milk cans. The first one I am using a Home Depot bucket and Antique Pewter spray paint.

I am attaching all three pieces together with hot glue. You can use any type of glue that you want.

You will attach the large bowl to the top of the bucket first. You will then attach the smaller bowl on top of the larger bowl as shown in photo below.

I wrapped a strip of burlap around the top rim of the bucket.

I did the same thing for the black milk can.

The third milk can I used a caramel colored spray paint and I also added cinnamon.

I sprinkled the cinnamon onto the wet spray paint. Once it was dry I rubbed the excess cinnamon off of the can.

I sprayed all 3 milk cans with a polyurethane spray.

I added handles to each milk can using the Dollar Tree aluminum cookie sheets.

I cut two even pieces of the cookie sheets and folded then three times. I added a brad to each end.

I spray painted them to match the milk can.

I placed a small hole into the top area of the large bowl. You will insert the brad into the hole. I place my hand down into the milk can to spread the end of the brad apart. You can attach the handles to the large bowl before glueing all the pieces together.

These are very easy to make and I just love how they turn out. I found it easier to use the buckets from Home Depot and Lowe’s. You can use the Mainstays trash can from Walmart too but it is harder to attach the bowl to.

I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.