Spring is right around the corner and soon the flowers will start blooming. We are always crafting and creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree so I thought we should make a flower press book. This book will allow you to press the real flowers from your yard and then we can can use them to decoupage onto our creations.

There are so many ways to create a flower press book but I will be creating mine out of two pieces of wood.

I bought my wood from Walmart. A few other items I will be using are:

1. Drill and drill bit

2. Four screws

3. Four wing nuts

4. Eight washers

5. Vintage Effect Wash by DecoArt

6. Paint brush

7. Cardboard

8. White watercolor paper

You can use any size bolts that you want. I used a 1/4” by 6” bolt and you will want to buy washers to fit. I bought a 1/4” drill bit but I will recommend you buy a drill bit larger than your screw.

You will want to drill a hole in each corner of your wood pieces.

I used clamps to hold the two pieces of wood together and then drilled the holes. This will make sure that all the holes line up.

I wanted my flower press book to be colorful so I will be painting it a variety of colors.

You can create a flower press book so many different ways. I found it easiest to use wood and decorate the book using Vintage Effect Wash for color. You will want to add sheets of watercolor paper and cardboard in the center of your wood pieces. Once you cut your flowers you will set them onto the paper and add another sheet of paper on top. Be sure not to let your flowers touch each other when placing them in your book. You will add paper on top of your flowers and then add a piece of cardboard. You will tighten the screws and this will press the flowers. You will need to be patient and let your flowers press for at least 30 days or longer.

I decoupaged floral print napkins to the book.

This is such a fun and easy DIY to create. If you love to garden or craft then you should really consider making this fun flower press book.

You can check out the Vintage Effect Wash right here with my affiliate link https://shop.decoart.com/decoart-vintage-effect-wash?ref=theshabbytree