I love creating all different types of holiday decor but I really love making things that can light up. A while back I showed our followers how to incorporate a few graters and candles throughout their home for a fun and unique light. Christmas is right around the corner so I thought it would be fun to transform one of the graters into a santa head.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One grater ( you can get them in Walmart)

2. Paint ( the colors I’m using are black, cream, red and blush)

3. Paint brush

4. Hot glue

5. Scissors

6. Faux fur ( I got mine from Hobby Lobby)

7. Cotton balls ( I coffee stained mine)

8. Wooden beads with a flat back ( two smaller ones for the eyes and one larger one for the nose)

The first step is to paint the grater. You will paint the top section red and the bottom section cream as shown in photo below.

I left a section unpainted because this is where I will be glueing on the faux fur.

I cut a strip of the faux fur to be 2 inches wide.

I added hot glue to attach it onto the grater.

I used the blush colored paint to create a face.

I painted the two smaller beads black and the larger bead the blush color.

I attached them onto the grater with hot glue.

I unrolled my coffee stained cotton balls to create a mustache.

You can place the grater over a battery operated candle to have your santa head light up.

This santa head is so quick and easy to make . I hope you will get creative and give this a try.