I was shopping In Walmart and I found some amazing artificial orange colored hydrangea sprigs. The color popped out at me and I just knew as soon as I saw them that they would make a perfect wreath. We are always creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree so I think it would be fun to create a unique carrot wreath. These hydrangeas are beautiful and only three dollars a sprig.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Six orange hydrangea sprigs

2. Two fern sprigs (these are also from Walmart)

2. Burlap ribbon

3. Scissors

4. Wire cutters

5. Wire

The hydrangeas are from Walmart and they have a variety of colors.

I cut all of the leaves off of my sprigs.

I placed one hydrangea down and then I placed two more above. You will need to hold these hydrangeas in place so wrapped them with some wire.

I then added the last three hydrangeas to the top. You are forming the shape of a carrot.

I then cut three strips of a burlap ribbon. My strips are slightly different lengths. I cut mine about 12 , 13 and 14 inches long. I then wrapped a piece of wire around the center of all three ribbons and wrapped the wire around the stems of the hydrangeas.

You will now need to add the greenery to the top of the burlap.

I bought two small fern bushes from Walmart. I wrapped a piece of wire around them both to hold them together.

You will then place the gems of the greenery down into the burlap and hydrangeas. I used the wire to secure them to the stems of the hydrangeas.

I cut the excess part of the hydrangea stems off. You do not want the stems of the hydrangeas to show above the greenery.

I wanted a longer point to my carrot so I cut a few pieces of the hydrangeas off of the back side.

I used a piece of wire to join them all together and then wired them to the bottom part of the carrot.

This is so quick and easy to make and I think it will look amazing on a front door.

You can use any type of orange flowers that you want to create this carrot wreath.