I always seem to be looking for a notepad or a piece of paper to quickly write a message down. I wanted to create a cute board to hold some paper that I can grab and go. This is a cute DIY to keep on a kitchen counter or even on your desk at work!

There are a variety of ways to make a memo board. I’m going to show you two different ways. The first one is very quick and simple. The supplies you will need are:

1. Wooden cutting board with handle

2. Twine

3. Scissors

4. Rubber band

5. Rolled paper (you can find paper rolls for calculators or registers)

You want a cutting board with a handle so that you can tie the twine to the top of your board. The twine will hold your roll of paper in place. I tied both ends of the twine to the top of the wooden cutting board.




I then placed a rubber band around the bottom of the board to secure the end of the paper.

You can hang this on a wall or place it on a desk or counter. I glued a picture frame to the back so that it can stand on our counter.


This is just too quick and easy not to make! I also made another one that requires a little more work. The supplies you will need for this one are:

1. A piece of wood ( I’m using a white washed piece of wood I got from Walmart)

2. Two cup hooks ( these are 1 1/4”)

3. Four upholstery tacks

4. Leather belt

5. Dowel (I’m using 7/16 because that is what fits perfectly in the center of my roll of paper)

6. Hammer

7. Scissors

8. Wood glue

9. Rolled paper (I’m using rolled calculator paper from Walmart)

10. Two small scrap pieces of wood ( my two pieces of scrap wood are 1 x 2 x 1/2 inch)

The first thing is to attach your two small scrap pieces of wood to your board. Make sure they are spaced far enough to fit your roll of paper. I attached these with wood glue. You can hammer a small nail into the back to help secure them in place better.

Next step is to screw your cup hooks in.

I drilled some holes into my wood to allow the cup hooks to screw in easier.

Now you will need to cut two strips from the leather belt. I am cutting mine about the width of what my board is.

I attach the leather belt strips to the board with upholstery tacks. I hammer a tack into each end of the strip.

I then cut my dowel to fit in my cup hooks. My piece of dowel is cut 6 inches long. The dowel will allow you to easily change out the roll of paper.

I glued a picture frame to the back so that it can be placed on my desk.

These boards are such a fun way to hold paper and write messages. You can create them in a variety of ways using different items. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.