If you’re a crafter then you probably already know that napkins are used for a lot of crafts. I decoupage with them a lot and wanted to find a fun and unique thing to do with them. You can find a variety of colored napkins in The Dollar Tree.


For this particular DIY you will need.

1. Napkins of your choice (I’m using red napkins from Walmart)

2. A cup of some kind (I’m using a glass light cover from a thrift store)

3. Spray adhesive





Your going to love this DIY because it is quick and simple.





For this particular rise I am making I will be using 10 napkins.





You will take one napkin and fold it over the rim of your glass.





You want to place one of the corners down into your glass.





Your napkin should look like this. Your corner is down in center of cup and the napkin is folded over edge.





My corner of the napkin is almost completely to the bottom of my cup.


I then lightly added some adhesive spray to my next napkin. Your going to do the same process around your whole cup. You will be overlapping the napkins as you go.





You will add a little adhesive spray to each napkin as you overlap.





The outside of your cup will start to look like this.





Once you have added all 10 napkins it should look like this.



You will now flip your cup over.

You now need to remove the cup from the napkins





And then bam you have an amazing rose.





You can make these roses in so many colors and they can be used for a variety of things. I will be putting them in my trees for Valentine’s Day.





These would be an amazing item to make for a wedding or party. I hope you enjoy this DIY and I hope you all give it a try.