Ok it’s time to celebrate and what better way to have some fun then to make some party poppers. These can be used for any occasion and the kids will love them!





The supplies you will need are:

1. Toilet paper or paper towel rolls

2. Paint

3. Scissors

4. Balloons

5. Tissue paper or streamers


The first step is to paint your paper roll.






I am painting mine silver and then adding a silver glitter paint on top.

Next you want to cut your balloon.





You will need to stretch the balloon over one end of your paper roll.





I then cut my streamers into small pieces which will be used as my confetti. You will place all your confetti into your paper roll. It should fall down into the balloon.





Once all your confetti is in place you pull on the balloon and release. You should have a pop of confetti. I hope you enjoy this DIY and have a lot of fun with it!!