It’s time to start decorating for Christmas and I have a fun candle idea. I love having all types of lights throughout my home for the holidays and a fun candle is a must have for me. The Dollar Tree has glass jar candles that can be easily decorated to look like a peppermint stick.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One glass jar candle from the Dollar Tree

2. Red and white striped tissue paper

3. Decoupage

4. Paint brush

5. Crystal glitter

I found this pack of tissue paper in Home Goods.

I painted the decoupage onto the entire candle.

Once I had the candle covered with the decoupage I then rolled it onto the tissue paper.

You will want to cut the excess tissue paper off and then add another coat of decoupage.

I added the crystal glitter over the decoupage. When that dries you can add more decoupage over the crystal glitter.

I added some Spanish moss and a candle to a dough bowl and placed the candle in the center. This looks so pretty when lit . You can find the candle ring on our website by click the link down below.

This was so easy to make and I hope you’ll give it a try.