If your looking for a unique and fun Christmas decoration then your going to love this one. This can be put in your your home or hung outside .


The supplies you will need are :

1. Plastic hangers ( you will need 16 and I got mine from Walmart)

2. Scissors

3. Zip ties ( I have small and long zip ties)

4. Glue gun

5. Tinsel ( this is optional)

The first step is to take 8 hangers and start placing 2 hangers together at a time. You will be forming the first layer of your snowflake. It should look like the photo below.

I then took a few zip ties and connected the hangers together. I just placed the zip ties wherever I thought they should go to help secure the hangers in place.

Now it is time to take the other 8 hangers and form the second layer of your snowflake. You will be placing these hangers on top of your second layer but making sure to make them form the look of a snowflake. You will place them as photo below.


I then zip tied both layers together. I used as many zip ties as it takes to securely hold all the hangers together. You need to make sure all your hangers are secured and you can pick the whole snowflake up.


Once I had the snowflake completely zip tied together I then cut off the ends of my zip ties. It is now time to decorate your snowflake. You can add lights or tinsel like I added in photo above. I just took basic hot glue and glued tinsel to the other edge of of my snowflake. I then added some tinsel to the center. I will be hanging these outside from my trees. I might add some lights to them so they will light up at night. I hope you all give this fun diy a try.