I was recently shopping in Walmart and I came across a few pop up hampers. These hampers are very popular for college students and work great for holding laundry. I bought a few of them because i think we can easily change them up and create the look of a barrel.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One pop up hamper from Walmart

2. One round plastic tray from the Dollar Tree

3. A metal knob from Hobby Lobby

4. Drill and drill bit (drill bit should be same size as screws to knob)

5. Spray paint (brown or black)

6. Paint brush

7. Paint (I am using burnt umber and milk chocolate)

8. Gel stain maple color (optional)

9. Scissors

Pop up hampers come in all sizes. You will see the size of mine in photo above.

The first thing i did was cut the handles off of my barrel. This is optional and you can leave them on.

I was going to use a brown spray paint but I changed my mind and decided to go with a flat black spray paint. Brown will work just fine but I already did one using brown so I wanted to try something different.

You will cover the whole pop up hamper with the spray paint. I also covered the plastic tray from the Dollar Tree with the black spray paint. You can spray the inside if the hamper but that is not necessary.

You will see the size of the plastic tray in photo above.

Once the black paint was dry I then painted on streaks of the burnt umber.

Once the burnt umber was dry I then added a few streaks of the milk chocolate.

I drilled two holes into the plastic tray for the knob.

I added the nuts onto the back to secure the knob in place.

This is very easy to make and I just love how it turns out. You can use this for so many different things. I will be using mine for a tree container and a flower container. This would make a cute container for toys or a small garbage can. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.