I have been making a lot of Americana decorations lately. If you love decorating and you’re looking for a fun and unique decoration for Memorial Day or Fourth of July then you’re going to want to give this DIY a try! This can be hung anywhere in your home but would look amazing going across your fire place mantle.

The supplies you need for this are:

1. Ribbon or twine

2. Material (red, white and blue)

3. Scissors

What I love about this flag is that it can be done in a variety of different ways. Here at The Shabby Tree I will show you an idea and then I hope you will get creative and change it up. For this DIY I am using a thick lace ribbon I purchased from Walmart but you can use any type of ribbon you would like or you could even use a strip of jute. You can also get creative and use any material you would like to create a rag flag banner or just a simple rag banner.

The first step is to cut and rip your material into strips.

I cut my slits about an inch thick and then I just pull up and rip my strips of material.

I did this for all three pieces of my material. I don’t worry about my strips all being exactly the same width but they will need to be the same length.

Once you have all your strips cut and all the same length it is time to start adding them to your ribbon.

My strips are 39 inches long. They are long because we will be folding them in half.

I am starting with my blue strips first. I fold the strip evenly in half and then place the fold through the bottom hole of my ribbon.

Bring your two bottom pieces up through your loop and pull them down.

You will continue across but I skip a hole in the ribbon as I go.

I leave one small hole in between each strip.

You will do a bunch of blue strips then start adding your red and white strips.I did 3 red strips then 3 cream strips and continued on until my flag was the size I wanted. You can make this flag as long as you want and you can make your strips whatever length you want. This is just an idea to help you all get creative and make a fun and unique rag banner.