Summer is here and it’s time for some cute summer shoes. I love to try to inspire you all to be unique so I decided to make some fun and unique flip flops.

The supplies you will need are:

1. A pair of flip flops

2. Material (I am using muslin and a lace curtain)

3. Scissors

The first step is to cut or rip your material into strips.

I am making my strips about 1 inch wide and 6 and a half inches long. Your strips can be any size you want but this is the size I thought worked best.

I had to cut my lace but you can rip the muslin into strips. I just cut a starting point and then I rip.

It is now time to start adding your strips to your flip flops. I take a strip and place it under the strap of the flip flop.

Be sure your ends are even and then tie a knot.



I continue this process until the whole strap is covered. I am alternating my fabric as I go.

Once you have all your strips tied in place you can trim them with the scissors if you want them shorter.

You can create these in a variety of prints or colors. I added some bling embellishments with a piece a twine to be creative. These are very easy to make and you will love how they turn out.