We are always trying to find ways to use recycled items here at The Shabby Tree and I seem to have a lot of recycled glass jars right now. Christmas is right around the corner and I think we can create a fun gift idea out of one of the jars.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One recycled glass jar

2. One styrofoam ball ( the size of the styrofoam ball will depend on the size of your glass jar.

My styrofoam ball is 3 in wide )

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Poly-Fill stuffing

6. Small piece of material ( I am using burlap)

7. Ribbon 8. Bling ( optional)

The first step is to remove any labels from your glass jar.

You will want to cut the styrofoam ball in half. Your styrofoam ball should fit over the lid of your jar as shown in photo above.

I added a little hot glue to secure the styrofoam in place.

I added a little hot glue to secure the styrofoam in place.

You will want to place some of the stuffing over the styrofoam.

This will be a little tricky but you will want to glue the material around the edge of the lid.

Be sure to keep the stuffing up in the material.

Once you have the material all glued in place you will then trim off the excess.

You will want to add some type of ribbon around the edge. Be sure to pull the ribbon tight when glueing in place.

The lid should easily screw back onto the jar.

You can add a variety of sewing items into the jar.

The top of the jar will be used as a pin cushion.

This is such an easy item to make and is a fun gift idea. I hope you will recycle a few jars and give this a try.