I was shopping in Hobby Lobby and I discovered that they have bags of wooden blocks. You can easily cut your own wooden blocks but if you don’t have a saw then here is a solution. As soon as I saw these blocks I knew I wanted to create a few shelf sitter blocks. We are always using a variety of napkins for different crafts and I thought a napkin would be perfect for this craft.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Wooden block

2. Napkin ( you can find a link down below where you can purchase the napkin that I’m using)

3. Mod Podge

4. Cream chalk paint by DecoArt

5. Walnut colored gel stain by DecoArt

6. Paint brush

7. Silver glitter

8. Scissors

I purchased my blocks from Hobby Lobby.

You can find this napkin at European Excellency. Be sure to use code BARB to get a discount. Here is the link https://europeanexcellency.com/

The first thing I did was paint my block with the cream chalk paint.

Once I had my block painted I then separated the layers of the napkin.

I trimmed my napkin to fit the block.

I did not want a straight edge on the napkin so ripped the ends a little.

I added mod podge onto the block and then added the napkin.

You will want to add more mod podge over the napkin.

I added the walnut colored gel stain to give the block a more rustic look. You can add a little water to the gel stain to thin it out.

I sprinkled some silver glitter onto the corners.

This is very easy to create and will look great any where in your home.