It is time to start pulling out your Christmas trees and thinking about how you want to decorate. When I think about Christmas I think about snowmen and flocked trees. We have made a few different snowmen and snowmen hats here at The Shabby Tree. I recently picked up a black beanie hat that I think will work perfect for creating a quick and easy snowman hat tree topper.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Black beanie hat I purchased from the Dollar Tree

2. Scissors

3. Hot glue

4. Black spray paint

5. Piece of cardboard

6. Large recycled can ( I am using a 6.3 lb green bean can)

7. Large paper plate

8. Greenery sprig

9. Ribbon ( the ribbon I am using is from our website)

The first step is to cut out a circle from the cardboard. I used a large paper plate as my pattern for the circle.

You will want to paint the cardboard circle and your can black. I am painting them black in case you can see through the beanie hat.
My beanie hat has a fleece lining which I need to cut out. Cutting out the fleece lining is going to allow the beanie hat to open up and become longer.
Not all beanie hats will have a fleece lining. Once the hat was open and stretched out I then trimmed off the excess fleece.
I traced a smaller circle onto the center if the cardboard and cut it out. You do not want your circle to be larger then the opening of your can. I used the center circle of a paper plate as a pattern.
You will cut the center of the cardboard out and then glue on the can as shown in photo above.
Once the can is glued to the cardboard ring you will then slip on the beanie hat.
You can hot glue the end of the beanie hat to the inside of the can.
You will want to glue a strip of ribbon around the base of the hat. Be sure to pull the ribbon tight and this will push the beanie hat flush to the can. Use the hot glue to secure both ends of the ribbon in place.
I hot glued some greenery over the area where the ends of the ribbon meet together. This hat is so quick and easy to make and makes an amazing tree topper. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.