I’m starting to work on my Fall and Halloween decorations and I wanted to make a ghost tree. I have made a few different ghosts in the past but this one is so easy and it can easily be stuck into tree. If you don’t decorate with trees then it would look great in a jar with some greenery.

The supplies you will need are: 1. Wooden spoon 2. Cheese cloth 3. Cream and black paint 4. Paint brush 5. Glue gun 6. Scissors

The first thing I did was coffee stain my cheese cloth. You do not have to do this but I wanted my ghost to look more grungy and primitive. I added instant coffee to warm water and dipped the cheese cloth in. I ring it out and hang it in the sun.

I then painted my wooden spoon with a buttermilk colored paint.

I placed a small amount of hot glue onto the top of the spoon. This will help to keep your cheese cloth in place.

You can one or two layers of cheese cloth. You will cut your cheese cloth to how long you want your ghost to be.

I then stuck them into my tree.