I recently found accent rugs in the Dollar Tree, Walmart , and Five Below that I new could be use for crafting. These rugs can be cut apart to give you strips of material. I love these rugs because they give you a variety of strips in a variety of colors. These strips of material are going to work great for creating a tassel doll.

The supplies I will be using to create this doll are:

1. Strips of material from the accent rugs

2. Glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Wooden bead (my bead is about 1 inch)

5. Glittered fabric paper (I got this paper in a roll by the scrapbook paper in Hobby Lobby)

You can cut the end string of the rug and pull apart the strips.

You can find so many different types of these rugs. These rugs give you amazing strips of fabric for crafting.

The Better Homes and Garden rug from Walmart gives you wide strips of fabric.

I will be using a wooden bead for the head of my doll.

I cut a few strips of the material about 20 inches long.

You will want to fold your strips of material in half. I then used a piece of twine to tie the strips together at the center

I used a second piece of twine and wrapped it around the strips about 1 1/2 inches down from the top.

I cut the ends of twine off. It is now time to add the bead to the top of the doll. I am placing a small doily to the top of my doll. This is optional and you can get creative and decorate this doll any way you want.

I slipped the doily and wooden bead through the top of the twine. I added hot glue to help hold them in place.

I glued Spanish moss to the top of the bead.

I decided to add wings and a crown to my doll.

I cut wings and a crown out of the glittered fabric paper.

I glued the wings to the back of the doll.

I created a small crown and glued it to the top of the head.

The rugs give you amazing strips of material to get creative with.