I love keeping trees up in my home all year long. There are a variety of tree collars that I have been seeing in the stores but I just knew there had to be an easy way to make one. I want to create my own tree collar so that I can make it as tall as I want or as wide as I want. My trees are in all different kinds of tree stands and they are all different sizes.

The supplies I will be using for this are:

1. A cardboard box (you will want to use a size box that will fit around your tree stand)

2. Scissors and box cutter

3. Tape measure

4. Marker and duct tape

5. Peel and stick wallpaper (I purchased my wallpaper from Home Depot)

The purpose of me making my own tree collar is so that I can make it as tall as I want and as wide as I want. I like my tree collar trainers to hide the stand and pile of my tree. This tree collar will be 11” high.

Once I have my box marked I will cut the excess of with a box cutter.

I am also cutting the bottom of the box off and I am going to separate one corner of the box so that I will have one long strip of cardboard.

Having one long stop of cardboard will make it easier for me to apply the peel and stick wallpaper.

I am cutting my wallpaper so that the tops all line up.

Once I have them all cut out I then peel the back off and apply to the cardboard.

This wallpaper is so easy to work with because you can always peel it back off.

I left about an inch over the edge of the cardboard. You can flip the cardboard over and fold the edges onto the back.

I like having the cardboard as one long strip because then I can wrap it around the bottom of the tree. This will allow me to change out different tree collars for different holidays.

Once I wrap it around the base of the tree I attached the ends at the corner. You can add duct tape to the inside to help secure it together. I did leave about an inch of extra wallpaper at the ends of the cardboard to overlap and help secure the ends together.

I just love how this turned out! One roll of wallpaper will allow you to make a few collars. It will all depend on how big you make them as to how many you can make from one roll. I made 2 collars from this one roll and I still had some left over.

I got my wallpaper from Home Depot. They have a variety of prints to choose from. I love how this made my tree collar look like real wood. I hope you will all get creative and consider giving this a try!!