I was in Hobby Lobby shopping and I came across a few unfinished wooden items. They have an amazing selection of unfinished wooden items but a few circular trays really caught my eye. I have been wanting a two tiered tray for my kitchen and I just knew these would work perfect.

I will be using these two wooden trays but you can create this with any type of trays you want. It is all about getting creative and making things fun and unique.

You can find both of these trays in Hobby Lobby and they were 40% off when I purchased them.

A few other items I will be using are:

1. Glass vase

2. E6000 clear glue

3. Black spray paint

4. Polyurethane (optional)

5. Sanding sponge

6. Gel stain

The first step is to paint your trays. You can use any type of paint for this. I am using a spray paint because it is quick and easy.

Once they were painted and dry I then gave them a light sanding with a sanding sponge.

I wanted them to look a little more rustic so I decided to add some gel stain over the black paint.

I painted the gel stain on here and there and then I used a rag to rub it all over.

I just love how the gel stain gave them a more rustic look.

I now want to add the glass vase to center of the trays. The larger tray is the bottom tray so I will glue the vase to the center of the large tray first.

I want to be sure the vase is in the center before I add the E6000 glue.I measured 6 inches around the vase which puts the vase in the center of the tray.

I traced the vase so that I knew where to replace it once I added the glue.

I then added glue to the top of the vase and then placed the smaller tray on top.

This turned out amazing and I love how I was able to create it what color I wanted. I used a vase for the center but you can use whatever you want to raise the lower tray up. I was going to use a candlestick but I liked the thickness of the vase. This is a very large two tiered tray and I can’t wait to decorate it for my kitchen counter.