It is almost Valentine’s Day and I wanted to find a fun way to give my employees their gift. They enjoyed their Christmas stockings so I thought it would be fun to create a Valentine Stocking for them all. I want these to be quick and simple to create so I will be using felt and fabric glue.

I am using one of our Christmas stockings as a pattern.

I traced the Christmas stocking onto cardboard and cut it out.

You will want to double your fabric so you will have a front and back piece.

I will be using a pink felt for the top of the stocking. I am adding an extra half inch to the sides of this material. This will be folded over the stocking so it needs to be wider then the stocking.

I measured the top part of my Christmas stocking and I cut the pink felt to that size and added the extra half inch to the sides. I then glued the pink felt the top part of the stocking pieces. You will want to glue the pink felt to inside of the stocking pieces.

Once the top pieces of the stocking are In place you can start to glue the stocking together.

I started at the bottom of the stocking and worked my way up.

I then glued the sides of the top part of the stocking together.

Once the stocking is completely glued together you will want to fold the top piece over.

I want to decorate the stocking so I cut out a few felt hearts.

I added glue and glitter around the ends of the hearts.

I glued some pom pom garland around the top of the stocking.

I am making these stockings for all of my employees and I want to hang them on a fireplace mantle. I cut a strip of felt to glue to the inside of the stocking.

I glued the ends of the strip to the inside corner of the stocking.

I glued clothespins to chalkboard hang tags

I glued the hearts onto the front of the stockings and clipped the hang tags to the top.

I just love how these turned out and they are a fun way for me to give my employees their Valentine gifts.