I love decorating for Valentine’s Day and I wanted something fun for my kitchen windows. I get a lot of sun in my kitchen so I thought something that had a stain glass effect would be great. I have a lot of crayons left from when my children were smaller and I knew I wanted to use them into this DIY.


The supplies you will need are:

1. Wax paper

2. Crayons

3. Grater

4. Scissors

5. Iron

6. Knife

7. Cardboard or newspaper

8. Glitter ( optional)

I will be using a mixture of reds, pinks, purple and white for this project because I am making a heart for Valentine’s Day.

I rub the crayons down the grater which will be giving you shavings of crayon. You do not want any chunks of crayon. You want find shavings which will melt easier.


After I made my pile of shavings I added a little glitter to them.

Once you have all your shavings you will want to tear a long piece of wax paper. Put the shavings onto the wax paper and then fold in half.
I placed cardboard underneath the wax paper and then I placed thin cardboard on top of the wax paper. You will want to set the iron to a low heat.

You will need to place the iron on top of the cardboard. I like to hold the iron for about 10 seconds over one area and then move to another area. Your crayon will melt from the heat of the iron. To prevent the crayon from running out of the wax paper you can fold up the ends of the wax paper. I will lift the cardboard to check and see if it is completely melted.

Once it is melted I will take my fingers to rub out any air bubbles.

Once it is completely cooled you can then cut out your heart. I am using a pattern to trace my heart.

I then punched a hole so that I can make a hanger for my heart.

I am using some thin tinsel to make a hanger.

These are so much fun to make. I like how you can make them a variety of colors and sizes.

When the sun shines on them they get a stain glass effect.

I hope you all enjoy this DIY and give it a try.