We have been creating a variety of lanterns and chandeliers here at The Shabby Tree. Everyone seems to be having a hard time finding the plastic fencing from the Dollar Tree that we recently used for a chandelier so I went searching for some other options. There are so many different types of plastic edging out there and so many of them can be turned into fun chandeliers. I recently found a white plastic picket edging that was so easy turn into a chandelier.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two pieces of the white plastic picket edging from Home Depot

2. Clear zip ties

3. Scissors

4. One hanging metal chain (this is from the Dollar Tree)

5. One splatter screen with the knob in center (this is from the Dollar Tree)

You will want to use the scissors to cut off each end of the edging.

You will cut off all four pieces with the metal posts.

You will then cut off two extra pieces . You will only cut these two pieces off of one edging piece. These have to be cut off to make the edging pieces fit firmly around the splatter screen.

I then drilled two holes at the end of each edging piece. You can drill these where ever you want. To keep them all even I drilled right above and below the strips.

You will connect the pieces together using the zip ties. Do not pull the zip ties all the way until you have the splatter screen in.

You will want to remove the knob from the splatter screen.

You will insert the splatter screen into the center of the edging pieces. I then used the scissors to poke a hole into the splatter screen. You will want to poke a small hole to insert the zip tie so that you can secure the splatter screen to the edging.

I added about 5 zip ties around the splatter screen. Once the splatter screen was in place I then pulled the remaking zip ties tight. You will then cut off the excess piece of zip tie.

I added three more zip ties to attach my chain too. You can attach the chain right to the edging but I feel like this was easier. You can add any type of solar lights to your chandelier. I added the strand of solar lights because you can set these lights to a soft twinkle which I love

I created a set of these to hang on our shed in the back yard. I hope you will get creative and give this a try. These can be hung any where in your porch or in your yard.