If you want a cute decoration for Halloween then you need to give this quick DIY a try. I wanted a cute decoration to put on my front porch for the fall season and so I created some witch hats, but I thought what better to go with witch hats than witch brooms?! 

All you will need is a stick from your yard, twine, a glue gun and some raffia.

We are going to be glueing the raffia to the end of your stick. You will want to start about 5 inches up from the bottom of the stick. Take a cluster of raffia and fold it in half. Next, put some glue onto the stick and place your raffia on top of the glue. You will continue this process going around the whole stick.

Once your stick is covered with raffia, take a piece of twine and secure the raffia in place. You will wrap the twine around the stick approximately 8 times.

Next, knot your twine and cut the ends off. Do this same process another 5 inches above where you just knotted your twine. Doing this process twice and about 5 inches apart is going to make your broom nice and full.

You now have a handmade rustic look broom to incorporate in your fall decor!

I made a broom, hat and sign to cluster together on my front porch.