I’m always trying to find ways to create items in a fun and unique way. I was in the Dollar Tree and I noticed some bath sponges that they had. The color of the sponges is what caught my eye and I just know they will work perfect for creating a quick and easy wreath.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Twelve green colored bath sponges from the Dollar Tree

2. One 16 inch round tray from the Dollar Tree

3. X-acto knife

I will also be using one snowman placemat from Marshalls and 6 curly bows from Hobby Lobby. These items are optional and you can use other items.

The first thing that I did was cut my placemat round to fit the center of the tray.

I glued the placemat to the back side of the tray.

The next step is to create holes into the tray with the x-acto knife.

You will make your first hole and then slide the string from the sponge through the hole.

You will want your string to go through the hole and then tie the string in knot on the back of the tray. I did four holes first and I did each hole across from each other as shown in photo above.

You will now do 2 more holes between the sponges. Try to make your holes evenly apart from each other. Once you have the holes you’ll then slide the strings through.

Once all of my sponges were tied in place I then added the curly bows.

I wrapped a curly bow around every other sponge and then tied it in a knot.

This wreath is so quick and easy to make and I really hope you’ll give it a try.

You can use any type of picture for the center and the curly bows are an optional add on.